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The Road of Brightness


In the last couple of years I have published The Dorchadas Trilogy, 3 novels that revolve around the life of Douglas Romer, an English Anglican Vicar who finds himself in Ireland following his emotional breakdown. In Ireland he makes friends with Kath, Elsie and several others, and it is these friends who feature in this latest book.  Available in paperback and kindle at Amazon.

Road of Brightness full cover.jpg

Readers of the Trilogy have written....

This book's beauty is found not only in the way the story is told, but in the truths that it conveys to all who pick it up. This book holds together the tensions found in life - tragedy and healing, suffering and restoration - and watching the way Douglas walks through these deeper questions with courage, humour and hope, causes faith to rise in the reader for the journey that lies ahead of them. I can't recommend this book highly enough.

An Amazon Reviewer

Your stories have a timeless quality to them, they feel like old friends I can curl up with, and which give me a fresh vision of God's intimate activity in our lives. They are works of fiction which contain God's truth, and  I felt closer to God as a result of reading it.  Thank you so much.

A recent reader

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