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The Oceans and the Human Heart


In 2023 I published my fifth novel, called The Oceans and the Human Heart. Set in the fictional village of Tregovenek in Cornwall, it centres on the secretive and reclusive Father Solomon Ogilvy, who mysteriously disappears one April evening. It is a modern day novel, yet it also makes connection with the early Christian mission in Celtic Cornwall. The book is available from Amazon at this link.


Readers have written....

"Michael is one of my favourite authors. His stories are full of imagination and this latest book is no exception. I loved all of the characters, the story, the creativity - and the fact that God's incredible grace, love and acceptance is there for everyone, no matter what their background. It's a great story of unexpected hope and again a real page-turner."
"A fantasy in one way but so moving and so true
It made me weep with both sadness and joy and changed my heart."

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